Saturday, 15 December 2012


I really should start blogging again. Life and a long commute has got in the way.

At #tech-nous, we are still developing daily with .net and still focusing on C#. Since the last entry, things have changed in the Microsoft eco-system. For one thing, there isn't really a clear answer to what is happening in the UI space. Is Silverlight completely dead? What is going to happen to WPF? I'm fairly certain that XAML will be around for some time to come. But in what context? Is HTML5 and javascript really the way to go for Windows thick clients? I'm not so sure given that the javascript that needs to be written for Windows apps isn't the same as the javascript dominating the web.

Sometimes I wish the path was clearer, so I could focus on what I knew was going to win. However it does add to the excitement - would it be boring if we knew the outcome already? These are billion dollar questions and if someone knew the answer they probably would keep it to themselves and cash in.

Since the last blogpost I could also claim prior art in using a hashtag in the logo! :-) Just as a point of interest, the hash in the #tech-nous logo was meant to signify the root command prompt in bash - it had nothing to do with twitter. It's just happy coincidence that made us look with it.

Now, what to blog on. Learning Rx? .Net 4.5? My thoughts on the new WinRT tablet? 

I may even blog a little on kitesurfing which I have finally learned how to do. It's an excellent way to spend some time blowing away those coding cobwebs and get you away from a screen for an afternoon.