Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Brighton ALT.NET Beers – Notes from November meet-up

Once again, big thanks to all of those who turned up to the ALT.NET beers on a very cold November evening last Wednesday. As promised here are some brief show notes.

The topics discussed were:
  • Command-query separation (CQS)

  • Parallel programming

  • Object/Relational Mapping vs. Stored Procedures vs. Inline SQL

  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) vs. WinForms

  • StackOverflow DevDays (London)

  • Multi-tenanted applications
I especially wanted to get the links published to CQS and Parallel Programming/Threading.

Command-query separation (CQS)

Totally new one on me. Scares me a bit as it sounds different to what I’m used to and I don’t fully understand it yet. If I was less enlightened and not an embracer of change, I might be sharpening my pitchfork and ringing round to gather a mob.
Thanks to Keith for the Greg Young link.

Parallel programming

AKA Threading. It’s going to become more and more of an issue with quad-core iphones merely a year or two away.

Thank to Bruce for DMing me these links:

And to HadleyHope for this one:

I also really like the series Jon Skeet produced:
December’s Brighton ALT.NET Beers will actually be ALT.NET Food. We will have dinner at a restaurant in the middle of town somewhere.

Hope to see you there!

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